Locations We Serve

Coghlan Lodges aims to provide comfortable and non-institutional community home life for clients. It is fundamental part of this aim to ensure that the client enjoys a good balance between safety and self- determination

Our primary objective is to provide support to clients discharged from psychiatric hospital, medium secure unit or special hospitals to independent living in the wider community and to maximise their potential for normal risk taking, ensuring privacy, dignity, independence, choice, rights and fulfilment.

  • Enabling them to manage their lives within the framework of the home and within the community while taking full responsibilities of their actions.
  • Encouraging clients to participates in decision making, the daily routine of the home in partnership with staff and adhering to the Lodge policies.
  • Allowing clients and staff to work in partnership so that clients:
    • Take increasing responsibilities of their own lives.
    • Learn essential social skills.
  • Develop a commitment to changing their lives and reaching their full potential
    Making themselves available for training and opportunities to develop within the community.
  • Enabling clients to participate in their assessments and review of their individual needs in association with a key worker and jointly negotiate their support plans.
  • Facilitating regular individual and group meeting with clients and staff about the running of the lodge.
  • Providing regular staff support with continuous professional development and supervision to meet the needs of the clients.