Mental Health

What we do

We provide structured services in a safe multi-culture, and supportive environment that enable its clients to take steps to improve the quality of their lives. Coghlan Lodges provides the opportunity for people to make changes and take positive steps necessary for more independence and fulfillment.

We achieve this through group work and individual key-working sessions and by creating a forum for information sharing and building a sense of community. Group sessions are used for many purpose including making decisions, identifying challenging behaviours and confronting them, resolving conflict, understanding and solving problems, clarifying difficult issues, developing a sense of control and facilitating the development of personal skills.

The shared experience of community life is central to this. There is therefore a policy of respect for all members of the community, incorporating the recognition of individual differences, values and choices. Clients are encouraged to feel that Coghlan lodges is their home, and to respect the environment and those they share the space with.

Eligibility criteria

Referred individuals must be committed to working on their mental health difficulties in a therapeutic community environment. Potential service users will need to be supported in their referral by social services and/ or clinical professional. We can only consider referrals from people of working age.

Our beliefs

We reject all labels and stereotypes associated with the stigma of people with mental health needs. As national specialists in mental health we work holistically with each individuals to help them fulfil their potential on their journey to independence and recovery.We are innovative and dauntless in developing our service models to enable people with mental health needs to be included in mainstream society.

Coghlan Lodges is an Equal opportunities employer. We are committed to a policy of equality and diversity in terms of age, gender, ethnic origin, disability, sexual orientation and religion belief. We ensure that at both employment and service delivery levels our Services meet the standards required by legislation, including the commission for Equality and Human Rights.

Our Objectives:

  • To enable clients to identify their needs and to support them in meeting those needs through the use of needs-based support plans.
  • To encourage the development of appropriate relationship with other people through the shared experience of living and working together.
  • To build upon independent living skills and provide an opportunity for clients to acquire other life skills.
  • To encourage clients to make choices for themselves and to be allowed the freedom and support in taking appropriate risks.
  • To facilitate the clients participation in the wider community, such as taking on education, training and voluntary work, as well as social activities.
  • To provide opportunities and create a forum for clients to explore their psychological and emotional difficulties and work through them with the support of other clients and staff.