Learning Disabilities

Coghlan Lodges provides care and support to individuals living with Learning Disabilities. Our specialist services cater for clients with varied abilities and levels of needs which vary from mild to severe learning disabilities .These Clients are all in the working age category.

We offer a unique care pathway for our clients which provides them with choice and control in their day to day living.

Our services endeavour to provide a person centered approach when caring / supporting individuals in their transition to more independent living.

We pride ourselves of a very experienced multidisciplinary team which is composed of Support Workers, Trained Nurses, Occupational Therapists, Doctors, Speech and Language Therapists etc.

“A learning disability is where people take a long time to learn. It used to be confused with educational learning but we now know it is about learning social skills, learning communication skills it’s about how to behave and relate to other people and so people with learning difficulties find it difficult to adapt to situations that you and I find easy to adapt to”

Dr. Walter Owino, Consultant Psychiatrist (Medical Director)

Coghlan Lodges finds it essential to promote independence in people with Learning Disabilities which has a positive impact and improve their quality of life, further more enhancing their social inclusion.


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